Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hoppin' Trains

This pair is created to recognize the work of underground rap artist Tim Single and his involvement in Hip Hop Culture. He is a prominent figure in New York's Lower East Side and is well-known for his eccentric fashion style. He is a relative of the Infamous Dapper Dan and has several pieces created by him. This shoe relates to his 90s song "Hoppin' Trains" which discusses the act of bombing subway cars. For those that haven't heard anything about him, he is one of the three people in the Tommy Boy Records Logo, He has appeared at a young age on the Newcleus track "Jam On It" (Wiki Wiki Wiki Wiki...) and has a few records he released under his own name. One of his records "New York to Paris" has an unreleased recording featuring the infamous Tupac Shakur. Tim Single is a behind the scenes legend.

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